Adventure Paddle Board Workout

Sep 15th, 2016

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Adventure Paddle Board Workout


The other day, I set out to do a quick paddle board excursion before dinner.  It was twenty minutes to five and I told the kids, “I’ll be back in 40 minutes, and then I will get dinner on the table!”.  Yes mom, they replied.


The canal was glass, a light breeze stroked my back, and I was in relaxation heaven.  I proceeded to paddle out of my canal, and leisurely paddled over 3 canals and turned into the 3rd canal.


With time passing, and knowing I needed to get back to cook dinner, I turned around.


When I got to the mouth of the bay, WHOLLY, the wind had kicked up.  When I say the wind kicked up, I mean it KICKED UP KB STYLE!!!!  I was facing down a head wind that had created white caps in the bay.


I had to pause.  I mapped out my approach, created a game plan, put on my WARRIOR helmet and paddled.


It was crazy.  It was like pushing into a cement wall on water.  I lasted on my feet for only so long, and decided to take it down to my knees.


I was in full squatting mode, abs on fire, my quads and rear turned on high for the full on thrust to coincide with my pull of the paddle, that was now an oversized oar, and I was in synchronized heaven.  I kept my eye at the nose of the board, anticipating every thrust of each oncoming wave and counterbalancing with my body.


If you think of a color wheel, and you begin at yellow, and then it fades to a light orange, then a deep orange and into and onto a red; my whole body was now the deepest darkest richest red you can imagine.



For every 10 minutes, it felt like I only traveled two inches.


All of my clients that I have trained since my paddle on Saturday, have all said the same thing……………”did you paddle to shore and walk?”


WHAT?  WHY?  I was having the best work out of my life.  I was having the best time ever.  THIS WAS A TRUE PADDLE!


As I kept my focus, and stood my course, concerned neighbors came out at two different points and yelled, “DO YOU NEED HELP?”


I sharply replied, “NO! this is awesome, I love this, wahoooooooo!  Bring it on”, I yelled at the top of my lungs.


“Is this all you got Mother Nature? bring it on baby!  Then I yelled out loud…… I am the storm”.


I finally got to my canal, turned in, paddled to calmness and had to sit!  Whew.  My whole body was a heartbeat; even my nose.  I had to take a minute.  I sat, I drank a half gallon of water, and I stretched.  Envision yoga on a paddle board!


Once I regained my breath, I stood up and paddled home.  With the Paddle held victoriously overhead, I let out a big “YEAH”!  It was loud.


Needless to say, when my daughter Kolla saw me pull up to the dock, she ran out and said in a voice that I am sure my children have heard me say to them, “Mom, where have you been?”


I asked, “What time is it?” her reply, 7:15!  Wholly.


With great enthusiasm and exhilaration, I told her of my late afternoon adventure.  I was so full of life, so elated, so happy, so proud and victorious that she looked at me and asked, “Can you take me?”


Yes indeed love, just not right now!  Xxox

While cooking dinner, my body began to “feel” my fantastic workout that Mother Nature decided to bestow on me.  The next morning, when my eyes opened, I felt every single muscle in my body, whoooaaa!  I had to teach CHISEL this particular morning.


I immediately began stretching!  Yes indeed, right there in bed.  I knew I had to stretch if I was going to be able to move, yet alone teach a weight lifting class!  I stretched my back, my hips, rolled to my side and stretched my quads.  Even my hands were sore.  I stretched them!  Once I regained movement ;), I got on the floor and ROLLED out my back.  I took my tennis balls and rolled out my rhomboids, my traps, and my neck.  I needed to be a ROLL MODEL!  (One of the best books out there).


I got myself mobile, had breakfast and a cup of jo and headed to class.


When you are feeling stuck.  Stretch out the muscles you worked during your workout.  No matter what the work out of choice is.  You need to stretch.


Until Next Time……………….anyone up for a paddle?


In health and happiness,






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