Beautiful You!

Sep 7th, 2016

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Beautiful You!









Hello my family, friends, students, clients, and fitness fanatics!

My sister Jana, who I am so blessed to have as my WING WOMAN, has taught me so much this year.  So much so.  She has been in my corner, my cheerleader, my sounding board, my “all ears”, my everything.

She blessed me with a book that I read nightly, upon her encouragement, and when I came across this little PARAGRAPH, I knew instantly it had to be shared.

For all those that have ever struggled with your weight…………….this goes out with the utmost love and support.

In health and happiness,



When I feel insecure or frightened, I tend to pad my body with weight as a form of protection.  I acknowledge that at these times, there is something going on in my life that is making me feel insecure.  I can fight fat for 20 years and still be fat because I have not dealt with the underlying cause.  If I am overweight, I put the weight issue aside and work on the other issue first-the pattern that says:  I need protection.  I’m insecure.

However, I know not to get angry when the weight goes on, because my cells respond to my mental patterns.  When the need for the protection is gone, or when I start feeling secure, the fat will melt off by itself.  What I choose to think today will start creating my new figure tomorrow.

                                                                               –Louise L. Hay



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