Ci travel realizes the importance of flexibility training for better health and overall well being.

Oct 8th, 2016

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Ci travel realizes the importance of flexibility training for better health and overall well being.

In working with CI Travel, designing, implementing, and executing their wellness programs, their staff has come to realize the benefits for themselves in embracing a FLEXIBILITY PROGRAM.

  As in a corporate setting, or any setting for that matter; we will just call it LIFE, there are many stressors that trigger our muscles.  These triggers usually show themselves in our neck, shoulders, trapezius, upper back and mid back.   CI Travel employees, as a whole, have been under an increased workload, with more projects and missions to be completed. 

With that, their stress level has been rising and they are feeling the effects in their bodies.   These are not great effects.  There are tension headaches, upper back tightness, and stiff necks, mid back soreness, increased blood pressure and just an overall “uncomfortable in my body”, state of being.

  My mission for CI TRAVEL is to create for them a program that not only encourages weight loss, which we have achieved in great measure, but to also TEACH and show the path to ACHIEVING OPTIMAL WELL BEING.  

Taking into account all the factors that are happening in CI TRAVELS work environment, I have switched gears with the program to better aid the staff in balancing out the increased workload, and demands.  

We are stretching!  We are stretching to relax.  We are stretching to restore, we are stretching to rejuvenate.  We are stretching to feel better in our bodies.

  After our session time together, the feedback that I receive is that their bodies have a sense of calm, they are more relaxed, and they are centered and grounded.  

Not always do we know what we need to do to feel better.  Not always do we know the way.  I am here to TEACH YOU and TO GUIDE YOU on a path towards optimal well being and relaxation through stretching.   Won’t you join me!  

Yours in happiness and health,

  Kirsten KB Fitness



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