When you do what you love for a living, it is never WORK!

Aug 31st, 2016

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When you do what you love for a living, it is never WORK!

The other day I was working with a relatively new client and she so sweetly looked at me and asked “how do you know so much about all this?”

This particular client has limitations with her feet.  She has fallen arches, weak ankles, overtight calves, which is therefore showing itself as knee and hip pain and causing over all body issues, not to mention ACHES IN HER BACK.

She reached out to me to work with her in the water.  I bring water equipment for our sessions and we spend an hour in her pool working on her strength, mobility at her joints, and overall flexibility conditioning.

We are continuously unraveling her puzzle and realizing where and why some movements are limited, where muscles need to be strengthened and where, due to over tight muscle groups, there is limited range of movement at some of her joints.  She is making fantastic strides and improves with every session.

Her motivation increases daily and her confidence in being able to move freely in her body shows itself with her continued work.

So that brings me back to her question; “how do you know so much about all this?”

Well, it all began on my 16th birthday, when my parents bought me a gym membership as my gift.  They saw a need to keep my high energy self busy and occupied in a healthy way.  Boy, did it work.  I worked out daily, and began taking all the classes.  I fell in love with the CLASS CONCEPT and tried every class imaginable.

One night, I showed up after school to take a class, and the gym was in a panic…………….the scheduled instructor was a “no show” and they immediately looked my way and said “Kirsten can do it!  She is in all the classes!”  Well…………the rest as they say is “HISTORY”.

I obtained my AFAA and ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certifications.

Then it was time for college.  I began in business management schools and was not FINDING MY HAPPY.  I am such a happy person, that I knew this was not going to do it for me.  I started thinking and really assessing what made me the happiest during my days and what I looked forward to the most.  It was “MY FITNESS CLASSES”,  that was what I woke up for, that is what I looked forward to, that is what got the creative side of my brain PUMPING.

Now, all I needed to do was to figure out how I could make a living doing this PASSION of mine.  How would I go about this?

I achieved my degree at Old Dominion University in Sports Medicine with a minor in business management.  I always knew I would do my own thing.  Something in me just knew I would fly on my own.  During my time at the University, I did my internship in the Athletic Training Department, wrapping ankles, wrists, providing muscle stim, massage, putting athletes in ice baths and keeping them distracted with my silly humor and distracting stories.  I worked with torn ears, dislocated knees and shoulders, and giving CALM during the CHAOS.  It was such a learning experience.  I just absolutely loved my time working with the athletes of Old Dominion University.

I don’t know if you all remember the “LOVE BOAT” back in the day, but I loved that show.  I wanted to be Julie.  I wanted to be the Julie of Fitness on the “Love Boat”.  So, while I was in my final year at the University, I got two books………………”HOW TO GET A JOB ON A CRUISE SHIP” and “JOB SEARCH / HOW TO WRITE THE PERFECT RESUME”.  I studied the two and followed it to the “T”.  I did exactly as the books outlined and with determination and pure grit, I achieved my goal and was hired at “THE GOLDEN DOOR”.  A luxury spa in Escondido, California.  As an exercise specialist at the “Golden Door”, I furthered my “fitness realm” and obtained my “PERSONAL TRAINER” certification with the American Council of Exercise.  This opened the Golden Doors for me in being able to work with celebrities, first ladies, author’s, artist, elite athletes, newscasters, and CEO’s from around the world. It was an amazing time of my life.  Truly amazing.  I even made it on the ‘TODAY SHOW”.

As I evolved with the Golden Door, I was introduced to a branch of the Golden Door known as the  “The Golden Door Spa at Sea”.  Yes, you read it right…………..I was now going to obtain my goal, my wildest dream, my pinnacle at the time of becoming “Julie” on the “Love Boat”.  I sailed with CUNARD Cruise Lines for a total of 3 years.  I was a contractor through the  Golden Door as Cunard’s Fitness Director.  I sailed on the VISTAFJORD, THE QUEEN ELIZABETH, and THE ROYAL VIKING SUN.  The VISTAFJORD only took 350 passengers, and THE ROYAL VIKING SUN entertained 500.  You truly got to know everyone.  As a contractor, my minimum contract would be 3 months, and my longest would be 4 months. I traveled the world, I lived my passion teaching my fitness classes onboard, and earned a living doing so.  Because of my officer status on board, I had officer privileges.  These privileges included hosting a dinner table during formal nights, socializing with the passengers on the main decks ( crew is only allowed in crew quarters, below passenger areas).  I got to live, dress, eat, and tour the world as a paid passenger!  I still have my cruise wear gowns and they fit!

After my cruising experiences, my main “home base” was the Golden Door.

Then came the time of my life to consider having babies.  I knew I wanted to stay active and continue working, and so I obtained my Pre/Post Natal and Menopause Health/Fitness Instructor Certification.  I did not want to jeopardize my soon to be babies or myself.  There is power in knowledge!

As I journey through life, raise my children, and experience life’s challenges, I have learned that FLEXIBILITY is the key to all things!  Not only raising my children, but with all the people that have crossed my path and I theirs.

For the past 6 years, I have offered a wellness program for SIGNATURE at West Neck.  A senior community where I design programming for their residents to increase their quality of life. I have since added the RETREAT at GREENBRIER senior living community to my roster, where I offer a well rounded water aerobics program for their residents for the past 3 years! Working with my amazing seniors, I have broadened my knowledge base and achieved my POST REHAB CONDITIONING SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION and truly realizing that FLEXIBILITY CONDITIONING is the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.  It truly is.  This is how my FUNCTIONAL FLEXIBILITY DVD came to be.  I know the importance of flexibility training and how much better people feel in a freer body.  I know, my students know, and my Personal Training Clients know.

This month, I celebrate my one year anniversary working with CI TRAVEL / AZUMANO Corporate Travel as their Fit Pro.  I design, create, implement and execute their Wellness Program for their amazing staff.

I love what I do.  I adore the people that I have been honored to meet and some have become the most amazing part of my life.  I am and continue to be truly blessed.

I’m pondering what my next accomplishment might be………………..I love to cook!

In health and happiness,




  1. Stella María August 31, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    Vá Kirsten, þú ert ótrúleg! Frábær grein :-*
    You are one amazing woman!

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