Big Time Workout!

Jun 8th, 2016

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Big Time Workout!

IEI_1250I encourage you to always begin with ACTIVE STRETCHES before you attempt training.  Train safely.  Work within your own body mechanics and remember that I am here to motivate you.  It is your responsibility to work within your own fitness level, body mechanics capabilities and RPE.


Begin with walking lunges 20 minimum holding 15 lb. weights

Seated Ball Bicep Curls 25 reps

Drop 1 Wt. / center single wt. on chest & crunch on ball 20reps.

Repeat seated ball bicep curls and crunches for 4 sets

Repeat from top…….. Round #1



Squats back towards ball holding 10 lb. wts. Next to side of legs/ tap rear on ball 25 reps.

Reverse crunches with ball on floor… 20 reps.

Repeat sequence twice



Repeat from very top    round #2

Seated on Ball/ Bicep curls 10 lbs…Triceps’ overhead extension 8 lbs to seated leg lifts.

(Seated straight / 1 leg extends and we lift leg, work the extension/ stack the spine)

15 reps per exercise



Repeat from very top        round #3

On bosu / elbows and forearms on top of dome

Toes on glide/ drag both legs in, stopping under hips and crunch for 20

Runners / alternating knees into chest for 20 crunches

Side leg lifts/ keep legs together and lift for 10 / pulse for 10 / switch sides



Repeat from very top final round / round #4


Oh my goodness!  Are you as sweaty as I am?  Remember to hydrate during your training and especially after you train.

Take the time to stretch.  You have time.  You really do. It all adds up to the greater whole.  Keep those injuries down to a minimum.

Reset your muscles used by stretching after each and every training session.  Keep your body limber and reactive by maintaining elasticity within your muscles and thus creating mobility at your joint.


In health and happiness!  Kirsten


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