West Neck Village Fitness Fun for July brings “Stretch & Strength”

Jun 23rd, 2021

Category: Training

West Neck Village Fitness Fun for July brings “Stretch & Strength”

West Neck Village Fitness Fun Schedule

July brings “STRETCH & STRENGTH”

First Time Participants receive a 2 punch Fitness Fun Punch Card.

Come join us!!! All Fitness Levels are encouraged and welcomed for ‘Stretch & Strength’. Core work and Flexibility conditioning combined- modifications and appropriate levels of intensity will be instructed throughout our session; which is held in the activities room at 12 noon every Thursday.

Special Notes

Fitness Fun Punch Cards available for SAVINGS!

2 classes $26—4 classes $44—8 classes $72— $75 if paying by credit card. No expiration date. Transferrable.

Invest in your WELLBEING.

Please bring your own individual mat and perhaps a pillow prop for comfort to make your experience more enjoyable. QUESTIONS: Email kirstenrbuchanan@outlook.comJuri1 (1 of 1)


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