When in Doubt, Plank it out!

Jun 1st, 2016

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When in Doubt, Plank it out!

When in doubt-plank it out!



Planks are one of the most efficient “total body” core conditioning exercises that I have ever come across.  In today’s session, you will learn some modifications and innovative ways to take a traditional plank and “ramp it up”.

Planks strengthen your biceps, triceps, small of back, upper back, core, glutes, hamstrings and quads.  In this class, learn variations and combinations that will having you “taking away” a great exercise tool for your fitness tool box to assist you in your fitness journey.

Plank variations:

****Always, no matter what level you have chosen:  keep hands or elbows directly under shoulders, neutral spine at the neck, hips are level, no sag in the small of the back, glutes are fired up and flexed, naval pulled up and into the spine, spine is on the horizon line if possible, and we hold for as long as we can without breaking form.  Better to come out of position if form is compromised and if you feel any stress in the small of the back.  Take a break and realign and proceed.  Hold your plank for time and try to increase your hold time as your endurance increases.

Plank Hold Variations / degree of difficulty progresses as you go down the list

Plank on elbows and knees

Plank on hands and knees

Plank on hands and toes

Plank on elbows or hands with one knee or toe slightly elevated off of the floor

Plank on elbows or hands with one knee or both knees hovering slightly over floor

The above are basic “plank holds” now get ready to learn some ways to “spice” up your planks to increase calorie burn, strength and tone.


From desired plank position:


Draw one knee to same shoulder / leg is in a fire hydrant position / side lying


One leg at a 90 degree angle, and press bottom of foot up towards the ceiling


Rock hips from side to side / think of a seesaw / ex. Right hip up as left hip goes down


Move one leg out to the side (laterally) as far as it will go, toes pointing down


Alternating knee drop downs from an “on the toe” position plank


Alternating knee press ups “from a kneeling knee position


Have fun with this one and remember to stretch you back really well after completion!  Need ideas…………………..check my store page.


In health and happiness,  KirstenIEI_1468


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