Services Offered

Kirsten offers expertise in a wide range of modalities suitable to all skill levels and age ranges.

Modifications are always made to accommodate individual capabilities or class demographic.

1-on-1 Medical Assessments Sciatic Care Mobility Training Fitness Testing Nutritional Guidance Sit-N-Be         Fit
Stretch & Flexibility Conditioning Back Care Senior Training Swim Lessons Cross Training  Back Care
Abdominal Conditioning Plantar Fasciitis Care Sciatic Care Fitball Weight Training  Tubing/Bands
Program Development Neck Care Foot/ Ankle Care Fascia Release Hiking/Out Door Boot Camps (Seashore State Park)  Senior             Fit
Walking Clinic Hip Care Stability Training Medicine Ball Private/Semi-Private Paddle Board Lessons/Excursions  HIIT
Instruction of 20 + varieties of classes Piriformis Care Water Aerobics Body Weight Training Sport Specific Training  TRX