How can I attend a class?

Kirsten’s classes are offered at Inlet Fitness South, 2336 Elson Green Avenue, Va Bch, Va 23456 or Private Individualized classes are available.


How can I book a personal training session?

You can contact Kirsten at – Kirstenrbuchanan@outlook.com


I purchased a digital copy but it will not download, what do I do?

There is a possibility that your file did not download all the way.  You have to let your file download 100% in order for ‘Functional Flexibility’ to open and work.  If you are receiving download errors such as ‘Network Interrupted’ or ‘Download Could Not Be Completed’, you may have limitations with your Internet Service Provider or your web browser.  We recommend downloading ‘Functional Flexibility’ with Mozilla Firefox because of the file size.  If you continue having issues downloading ‘Functional Flexibiliy’, please contact Kirsten directly at kirstenrbuchanan@outlook.com.  


Do you offer any online programs? 

Not at the moment, but  future programs are currently being conceptualized and developed.


What equipment will I need to do the workout?

‘Functional Flexibility’ requires no equipment.  Recommended items for maximum results are a mat for proper cushioning, yoga blocks or sturdy books and an arm extender of any type (ie. stretching strap, belt, rope, bathrobe tie.)


How do I contact support?

Support can be reached at kirstenbuchanan@outlook.com


Do you help with personalized diet programs? 

Currently the BLOG section on web site offers a ‘Foods for Fuel’ section where you can get fantastic ideas for proper nutrition and guidance.


Why should I use this program?

‘Functional Flexibility’ is a program optimized for your personal well being.  Incorporating a flexibility program in your overall quest for optimal well being is to regain or maintain elasticity in your muscles.


What benefits can I expect from this program?

A few benefits to expect from ‘Functional Flexibility’ are:  maximize strength, improve reaction time, regain optimal lever function by increasing your range of movement at the joint reclaiming stability and balance.  Regain and maintain elasticity in your muscles.


How many different workouts are offered on the DVD/Digital Download? How long are they? 

 Currently ‘Functional Flexibility’ is the only program offered on DVD or digital download.  The running time on ‘Functional Flexibility’ is 57 minutes long.


Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, please contact kirstenrbuchanan@outlook.com for your inquiry.


What forms of payment do you accept?

You can currently pay by credit cards and pay pal.  Cash  or local check is an option if you are working directly with me.


What are your qualifications?

Kirsten’s qualifications and certifications are listed on the ABOUT KIRSTEN section of the web site.