My Island inspired workout! A different day a different challenge.

Jan 10th, 2017

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My Island inspired workout! A different day a different challenge.

My island inspired workout!

 A different day, a different challenge.


Waking up to this stunning view is awe inspiring!  I’m completely immersed in it and it calls to me to ‘GO GET IT’.

Here I go……… plan………….in case you have not guessed by the photo, where I am staying is at the top of the hill.  In my Icelandic world, this is a hill and not a mountain 😉

Slathered in sunscreen, I will hike my way down to water’s edge.  My passion for today is Paddle Boarding.  One of my many “absolute favorite” activities.  I plan on crossing over to the point that you see in the photo and go exploring.  I checked out the paddle boards today and they have bungees attached to the board just like mine, so that will enable me to  pack a little cooler with water, apples, some hummus and trail mix for some “on the go” fuel.  So, even if I roll, I can still eat.  The hummus and trail mix will of course be in bags!  Ha!  But, tons of water.  I have been sweating up a storm here during my workouts, #one because it is so hilly, but also, I’m just a sweaty beast!

Even when I train on the water, I make sure I have plenty of water with me.  It is key.  Because I don’t know where I am going or when I’ll be back, I’m packing some snacks to keep the PUSH in me so that my body won’t lose its steam.

Plan for success and you will have it.

I can’t wait.  Traveling the road less traveled is usually the right road to take; for me anyway.  I am a treasure seeker.  I am sure to find one today.  If not many!

Ok, got to go……………….adventure awaits.


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