Water Program Complete and a Complete Success!

Sep 25th, 2016

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Water Program Complete and a Complete Success!



Thank you so much RETREAT at GREENBRIER for an amazing summer filled with fun times, laughter, and fitness.

Every summer, I offer  “WATER CONDITIONING PROGRAMS”.  I have been very fortunate having the opportunity to offer my expertise to SIGNATURE at WEST NECK and THE RETREAT at GREENBRIER.

We have a wonderful time in the water doing cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, balance and stability training, and of course FLEXIBILITY CONDITIONING.

Water makes everything better.

Have you considered training in the water?  It is an amazing modality.  Move with ease, no stress on the joints, and what you are challenged with on land, just might be attainable in the water.

The possibilities?

The possibilities are endless.

In health and happiness,


KB Fitness



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